Container De-stuffment

Container destuffing is an essential part of our warehousing solutions at Connect.

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Stock Management




Your stock is in great hands with Connect warehousing services, whether you need stock management services for full pallets of stock, inbound parcel tracking or the monitoring of pallet or parcel intakes. Our stock management system allows your business to be more efficient, giving you the valuable time, you need to focus on growth.
Destuffing refers to the unloading of cargo from a container. With an increasing reliance on international sourcing and freight imports, container deliveries are a vital part of everyday business operations. Ensuring that we handle the goods we receive in a safe and efficient manner is one of our biggest priorities.
We have the ability to store up to 50 containers that are 40ft in size for extended periods & we have a reach stacker that can manage your containers with ease.
Once Destuffed we can provide a Cross Docking service where your goods are checked, re-palletised, stored and delivered to their final destination.


We use an I cloud based Warehouse management system which is perfect for integration.

This ensures seamless tracking from the loading dock to the delivery truck and means that you can manage stock levels with ease.


For those customers that require a more bespoke service we can offer custom fulfilment services for commercial, retail and ecommerce customers. 

labelling, barcode picking, stock transfers, as well as keeping track of best before dates for perishable products, serial numbers and inventory batch control.


Your goods are stored on site in our clean & secure warehouse facility.


Our site is Monitored 24/7 with CCTV, Motion sensors and dust till dawn perimeter lighting & controlled access gates.


Our heavy duty racking, trained staff and onsite security setup ensure your inventory is in safe hands.


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